How do I start playing on Bingo Home?

To launch the game and start playing, follow this Bingo Home link:

Take a look around the Lobby. As you level up, you can play in new cities!

How was I assigned my User Name and Avatar?

Upon signing into Bingo Home, your User Name and Avatar was generated from your Facebook account.


How many Smekels and Coins do I start with?

Upon your initial sign-on, your account will be credited with 20 Smekels and 1,000 Coins. In addition, you'll receive 29 Power-Ups and 20 Poppers.

What's the difference between Smekels and Coins?

Smekels are the basic currency in Bingo Home. Smekels are used to purchase Cards for Bingo Games. Coins are used to purchase Power-Ups, Poppers, and Collection Items. Smekels may also be converted into Coins.

How do I get more Smekels?

Smekels can be purchased by clicking on the Smekels icon located on the Menu Bar. They are also awarded each day once you sign in, and can also be earned by successfully calling a Bingo and in Treasure Chests. We also post coins, Poppers, power-ups, and Smekels on Facebook posts and send them by email.

How do I get more Coins?

Coins can be purchased by clicking on the Coins icon located on the Menu Bar. Coins can be earned by collecting Coin Spots on your Bingo Card and by successfully calling a Bingo. Coins and Poppers can also be collected from your friends’ feedposts if they share them on their newsfeed. If friends click on your posts, you will receive Poppers or coins as well. We also post coins, Poppers, power-ups, and Smekels on Facebook posts and send them my email.

I bought Coins or Smekels, but there was a problem with my transaction. Who do I contact?

If you would like to dispute a purchase of Coins or Smekels, you may do so through Facebook at

How is it possible to get a Bingo when only two numbers have been called?

It requires a lot of luck but yes, it is possible! If you play multiple cards and the first number called is on at least three of them, you can activate an Instant Win Power-Up. If the second number called has an Instant Win on it, you can win in two numbers.  It is rare, but with a lot of players in a room it does happen.

What does the FIX CARDS button do?

The Fix Cards button in the top right corner will update your card with daubs on all the correct numbers that have been called and remove any incorrect daubs that have been selected. This will cost you 1 Smekel in Smek Deck and more in the higher cities. This automatic daubing will not activate your power-up meter like daubing manually does.

Why did I receive a Bad Call when I pushed the Bingo button?

Bad Bingo is triggered if ANY of the numbers on your card are incorrectly daubed, not just the numbers in the Bingo you are calling. If you do receive a Bad Call, you can press the Play Again button to automatically correct your card and you can try again. This happens with an Instant Win as well – if there are numbers incorrectly daubed on your card, a correctly daubed Instant Win will result in a Bad Call.

How do I view other Facebook pages while playing on Bingo Home?

To view other pages without leaving the game, simply open a new tab or window from your existing browser session. Otherwise, if you navigate away from the Bingo Home application, you will leave the game session.

How do I logout of Bingo Home?

To logout from your Bingo Home account once you finish playing, simply close your browser tab/window or navigate away from the app. This will immediately log you out.

Leveling Up

What are Experience Points (XPs) and how do I earn them?

Experience Points are earned for each Daub on a Bingo card. Players are awarded more Experience Points for playing in higher tier cities.

As you gain Experience Points, your Level increases.

What are Levels?

Levels are an indicator of your skill level in the game. As you play more cards and at higher tier cities, you will advance through the Levels quicker. By leveling up, you'll receive access to new Cities to play in.

What are Achievements?

An Achievement is a game-related accomplishment. Upon unlocking an Achievement, you will receive a notification. You can see the list of Achievements you have unlocked by clicking on the ‘Achievement’ button from the Side Bar.

Which web browsers are supported by Bingo Home?

Bingo Home is playable on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We recommend that you have the latest version of your browser software, as some older versions are not supported.

In addition, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer system. If updating your version of Flash doesn’t solve the problem, clear the cache for your web browser.

Is Bingo Home available on my mobile device?

Bingo Home is not currently available on mobile devices but will be shortly!

Why won’t my chat work?

We use a chat filter that watches for vulgar and abusive language as well as dating behavior and requests for personal information. It blocks that chat from going out and repeated infractions result in your chat being blocked entirely. This is intended to protect our players from bad behavior. If you would like to have your chat unblocked, please let us know in the forums.