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bingo world

i cannot dab the numbers either it starts to let me dab and then syops.i have tried to report this for at least 2 weeks maybe more..please repair game or get rid of it,,no good the way it is and it is the only game i have trouble with..thank you 

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Hi, I have completed the collections open to me but my collections show Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Berlin as cities I should be able to play but these locations are not appearing on the game, can you explain.

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valaria, if u look under the 'special' tab u will find Amsterdam, hong kong and berlin... those are cities that are no power ups, turbo and black out rooms... hope that this helps!

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I have 17 power ups showing up but I can't use them.  Everytime I click on it, it just sends me to a pop up to purchase power ups but I don't want to purchase.  Please tell me how to fix this.

hey templemom4, are u by chance playing blackout bingo? if so, that is probably where your problem is... they only allow certain kinds of pu's to be used in the blackout room.... hope this helps!

can not get the games to work at all something is out of datewhat can I do to get it to work

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