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Trouble in bingodise

So am I the only one, or is anyone else having LOADING Issues with HOME and all the other Playsino bingo games?

Everyone I've tried to play over the last few days is  so slow to load or WON'T load at all. even getting the freebies won't load. 

I'm Very disappointed! 

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I also have had problems logging into the game, and not receiving credit when board states example, 5 bingo's remain", I have instant win, or a natural "bingo", "sorry, too late". and there are still players in play?

Also, have had power up's  etc, available, but does not respond when attempting to collect and use.

I almost always when opening the app, Home screen comes up, and then, sorry we are having problems connecting. I have not had this to happen in the other few games I have played, or to social media, etc,

Love the game, but it came become frustrating.  This is my down time, relaxing and clearing my mind activity.  When it is acting up, afraid, It has the reverse affect on my relaxation.

Why can't I move to a new room after completing all my achievements?  It shows rooms I need but I can't get to them.

I'm  saying the same thing what mj is saying we can not play because it does not load the game WHY??????

Yeah,  Adam, all I got was bubbles....thousands of tiny bubbles and NO loading. So it may work great on your developer's end, but try using it on a common IE , Windows PC and see what you get. Believe me, none of us would complain if  it was working properly........after all, we JUST want to play our Bingo games. And for the record, your  Bingo World is only but a bit better for loading. It takes way too long when your competitors are lickety- pacify us and get these dang games moving along at a normal speed and loading time. By doing so, you will see less complaints and more playing action. And we, the clients, will be happy campers................:)

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Hi Deborah,

I just tried and logged in fine.  What browser are you using?  Does this happen every time you try and load the game?


Playsino Support

 Playsino Support the game is not operational it keeps refreshing page instead of loading game and when it did try to load game it got to 50% and just kept circling

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Hi MJ,

The game should be operational now.  Can you describe what you see when the game fails to load?  Is there some kind of error message?

Playsino Support

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