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bible bingo does not load

trouble started when I came in to play a game and found its all black screen no game loading at all. it stopped and then I went to site and found it says content blocked because it was not signed with  valid security certificate (invalid) so therefore must sound like facebook gameroom has closed the game out and blocked it out by facebook team they may have removed the game, because I also found when I went to the site bible bingo and it said go to your start page now. do not go to site not recommended, they have tried to fool you and may have stolen your info and other information on facebook the security certificate was invalid, it says bad site, blocked period. cannot contact bible bingo there, anyone who is playing this game has been compromised possibly, you all will need to contact facebook they will tell you why its blocked and the reason the game is no longer there and it may have gotten removed from here at facebook gameroom I love that game but its gone and not much can be done if the security certificate isn't signed its not valid they will remove any game without notice. 

the game is still blacked out with black screen no one has responded to the problem why its not loading or what if it has been removed or taken down, when I click on game to go in and play bingo its not loading the page site same problem someone should take a look and fix this soon as possible thank you 

Game does not load never had a problem before.

all my games are working only bible bingo isn't working and does not load and does not come back up its gone and its all black screen is all I get 

I just checked moments ago still same problem no game and nothing showing up its black screen when I click on game to load it and nothing comes up its just gone I do not know why or anything 

bible bingo not working again  24th july 2018

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