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Getting answers from Support

There is a serious issue with gifts on the facebook page, same people winning every game, the game since I moved from Yahoo has gone corrupt. Yet they ignore. They claim to respond in 24 hours, my requests are still processing 28 days later. Is this normal?

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I see you gone back to ignoring the fact I have shed loads off instant wins but you never give them, your facebook gifts don't pay out and the gifts you sent me in an email didn't. But you want me to respond to your "Your Tokens are Low, Buy some" Never not whilst you treat me like this. If your not going to fix, then just say I am sure your players would like your honesty, specially the few you have left.

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I have not been able to collect any free gifts from emails for quite a while.  I sent trouble tickets which have been acknowledged but I have never received a response or resolution.  Ticket status is being processed on all tickets - one as far back as April.  How long does this take to solve?   I'm ready to delete the apps & forget all Playsino games!!!!

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Everyone has this problem. Always have and always will because the vast majority of these facebook games are here to take every penny they can and give NOTHING back. A bunch of lowdown scumbuckets.

Of course that's just my opinion. 

i have tickets open since June


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